Privacy Policy


1. Privacy Policy

Move in Japan sets forth this privacy policy as our guidelines for handling personal data.

Move in Japan may obtain and use your personal data to contribute to improving the value of our customers' experience and to the sustainable development of society through our business activities, which include the provision of various services and products. "Personal data" includes data related to an individual, not limited to personal information as defined in the Act on the Protection of Personal Information (hereinafter referred to as "Personal Information Protection Act").

2. Appropriate Handling

Move in Japan handles personal data appropriately based on this Privacy Policy, in compliance with all applicable international and domestic laws and regulations, the Guidelines Concerning Protection of Personal Information, and other relevant guidelines. Move in Japan also has established an internal management system and regulations for handling personal data.

3. Obtainment of Data

Move in Japan handles the following personal data obtained through lawful, fair means. The personal data handled by Move in Japan include personal data of users collected through the User Registration System of each telecommunications service in addition to that of subscribers, etc.

For specific examples of data used, read 5. Data Used below.

4. Purpose of Use

Move in Japan uses collected personal data in the scope necessary to achieve the following purposes of use. For specific examples of purposes of use, see Appendix 

The use of personal data by Move in Japan includes mutual use of such personal data between services in addition to using such personal data for services provided to customers in Move in Japan's business areas.

Move in Japan may obtain agreement from customers in advance when using personal data, providing personal data to a third party, or handling personal data otherwise. Furthermore, Move in Japan may use personal data or provide personal data to a third party to the extent permitted by laws and regulations without prior consent from customers for a purpose other than those specified in (1) above. In such cases, Move in Japan uses due care in protecting the rights and interests of customers.

When the purpose of use is changed, the updated purpose of use will be published on Move in Japan's website, etc. or communicated to the individual customers.

Move in Japan may use personal information in the scope of the purpose of use specified in (1) above even after the termination or expiry of contract with a customer.

5. Data Used

Move in Japan may use personal data of the clients as required. (Purpose of Use above) As an example, personal data used by Move in Japan includes the following information.

Business and agency include the following areas of business.

When Move in Japan collects information specified as "Special Care-required Personal Information" under the Personal Information Protection Act, Move in Japan will obtain a separate consent from the customer prior to collecting such information.

6. Collaboration with a Third Party

7. Security Management Measures

Move in Japan takes measures to control access to personal data, restrict means of carrying out personal data, and prevent unauthorized external access, as well as takes necessary and appropriate measures for the security management of personal information and data (hereinafter referred to as "Security Management Measures"), including those to prevent leakage, loss, and destruction of personal information.

Move in Japan complies with the relevant laws and regulations and utilizes the guidelines and framework of the information security management system (ISMS) to properly implement security protections for the personal data in Move in Japan's possession as follows:

Move in Japan provides periodic educational training regarding the security management of personal information to its employees.

8. Other Announcements

Name and address of the business operator handling personal information and name of its representative Move in Japan Corporation


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