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Searching for real estate properties in Japan with a team of professional advisors

About Move in Japan

Hello everyone! We are an advisory agency helping those looking for their dream home in Japan. Many services are available to search for properties, however they tend to be quite unclear for non Japanese speakers. On top of that, you may have to learn about the unique system of Japanese real estate industry, or even have to contact owners and visit propreties... Not an easy feat right? Don't worry! That's where we come in and help you find the home of your dreams, specially tailored for your requests!

Our services


We answer your questions about seeking real estate properties in Japan by yourself, like "how are things like in the Japanese countryside", or "what to be careful about" etc, for free.

Researching properties

Let us know what your ideal home is like! Are you more of a city person? Or would you rather live close to the sea? How many rooms? For renting or buying? We will look for this ideal place for you! 


You can count on us for directly visting and investigating the actual properties that you are interested in and communicating with the owners' side. We also provide a translation service supporting your daily life once your ideal home has been found.

Step by Step : 

How to find a home with us

1 . Visiting websites

There are some major websites dedicated to home searching in Japan. Whether for flats or houses, for buying or renting, options are numerous. Just to name a few, SUUMO / athome / LIFULL HOME'S are the first places you should head to. There, you can check properties or even contact the owner. 

However, those websites tend to not offer information in English or other languages. That's where we can come to your rescue :)

We will listen to all your requirements for your future home, search for the properties instead of you and then offer you a summary of the results so we can proceed to the next step.

2 . Research and learn

During your home searching, you might find some new, foreign and very Japanese concepts that you had never heard of. Indeed, Japan uses a lot of unique words that are only ever used in the Japanese real estate scene.

That's where our website comes in handy! You can check out our glossary, columns and other articles for free!

You can also contact us directly to ask about the words or concepts that you do not understand well yet. We'll help you through them. Never hesitate, we don't charge for this service.  

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3 . Contact the owners

If you find any property that you get interested in, you can reach the owner through the contact form in the web page.

Usually the actual owner would not reply to you. Instead, the agency in charge of promoting the property will be overseeing the communication between you and the owner. The agency staff will speak only Japanese (or very limited English) in most of the cases. 

If you need it, we will be the ones contacting the owner's side for you. We will then communicate with them as much as you need, visit and investigate the property and finally share the results with you.

4 . Examination & Contract

After visiting the actual property that you're interested in, you can tell the owner or the agency whether you would like to rent or buy the property.

The owner's side will examine your application. If you pass, you will then be able to contract with the owner and finally get to live in your new home.

In summary : 

It is sadly infamous that finding a home as a non Japanese in Japan is hard

Although that is true, we can resolve many difficulties as our team is made of native Japanese speakers, experts in the real estate Japanese scene supporting you through the process.

So let's work hard together and let's find your ideal home!

The life styles waiting for you :

The City

Tokai : the Urban Areas

The city life in Japan will never bore you, as you will always find something to do, from seeking hidden away restaurants to joining the never ending night life : endless possibilities await!

The Countryside

Inaka : the Rural Lands 

This word also carries a warmth and nostalgia that many Japanese hold dear. Life in the Inaka, close to the abundant nature of mountains and forests, is full of surprises and spirituality.  

The Southern Islands

Nangoku : the Tropical Regions

The everlasting lush islands of Japan, spanning from the tip of Kyushu to the remote lands of Okinawa. Discover the Japanese islander lifestyle, where the Ocean is a perpetual neighbour. 

The Great North

Kitaguni : the Northern Territories

The northern prefecture of Hokkaido, famous for its snowy winters and fresh summers. With a culture and life style very distinct from the mainland, you will discover the unseen Japan here.

Popular destinations


The capital of Japan, where infite possibilities await. 


The foodie, bustling center of the West. 


The traditional and spiritual heart of Japan.


A nicely intercultural, cosy and convenient harbor town.


A quiet city mixing all the advantages of urban life with the peacefulness of a smaller town.


The gateway to Kyushu, famous for its lush nature and kind hearted locals.


The main city of the great Northern region of Hokkaido.


The main southern island of Japan with a dreamy tropical life.




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