Listing Searching Service

$20 / 5 listings

The Japanese major websites for real estate searching are mostly written in only Japanese, or maybe English but could be not fluent enough to understand.

You can request us to search the listings of the real estate properties for rent or sale based on your requests. Price is $20 per 5 listings of each of the following websites : SUUMO, athome, LIFUL HOME'S.

How we work

1 . Contact us

Please contact us via the contact form or SNS

2 . Send us the request

Please fill in the request form that we send

3 . Pay online

Please pay the service you requested

4 . Let us search

We search for the properties as you ordered

5 . Check the result

The summary of the search will be shared

6 . Tell us more

Need more support? Please let us know

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