General Questions

Q : What is this company about?

A : Move in Japan is an agency that helps customers find houses and flats in Japan. Unlike retail companies, we do not charge customers for connecting them with property owners. We only charge when customers require additional support in finding a property.

Please take a look at our paid services, "Searching" , "Investigation" and "Translation".

Q : How are you different from retail companies?

A : We are not paid by any owner or agency, and we do not get paid by the owner's side even if we connect our clients with the owners. We are also not paid by the web services we use.

We simply charge the clients who need additional support for searching properties by themselves and who need support once the property is acquired.

Q : Who is in charge of your business?

A : The business is owned by a team of  two indivisuals : 

Inho Seo, a Korean-Japanese who was born in Hyogo prefecture & raised in Osaka prefecture, Japan.

Johanna Vieu, a Frech who was born & raised in Paris region, France.

Inho and Johanna are a married couple and living in Japan currently.

Q : What are your business hours?

A : Our business operates from 10:00 to 18:00 Japan Standard Time, with no regular days off. During these hours, we are available to respond to your inquiries.

If we are away for holidays or other reasons, we will notify our clients on the website in advance.


Q : Do we have to see you on site for using services?

A : You do not have to see us on site for using our services. We can keep in touch through Email or other chat apps. We can also use Zoom or similar services to see each other.

If you already contracted with us, you can make an appointment to visit us directly.

Q : Can we call your phone, or visit your office?

A : For now, we do not share our business phone number or actual office address unless you are contracted clients. We work as a remote project team in Osaka, Japan.

If you are a client who made a contract with us, we would share the contact number and you can make an appointment to meet up with us in face too.

Q : Which language do you speak?

A : We primarily communicate with our clients in English. We can also speak Japanese or French upon request. Please feel free to contact us anytime.

If we are unable to communicate in a common language, we may not be able to accept payment for our services in order to avoid misunderstandings.

Service & Payment

Q : What kind of services do you offer for us?

A : We mainly search for available houses and flats in Japan through different channels, and share the results as well as advice with you.

We can also come helping with investigation of our clients if the area is in the Kansai region (Osaka, Kyoto, Kobe and its neighbouring cities).

Q : Are all services paid?

A : No, we do not charge for all the services. You can for example access our website's contents (Glossary, Blogs etc) for free, or contact us about what you would like to know. We would gladly reply, and offer more of our services as you wish.

Q : Which request do you charge as a service?

A : We would charge the service fee in the following cases :

Q : How do we pay for the service?

A :  You can purchase our services through our Shopify page. Please note that payments can only be made online and cannot be accepted in cash.

Before making a purchase, please contact us for an initial consultation. We will provide you with a form to request the specific service you are interested in. Once your purchase is confirmed, we will begin working on the requests you have made.

Q : When do we have to pay for each service?

A :For search service and investigation, please access our Shopify page and buy the service you request form. The request form will be shared with you after an initial consultation.

For translation service, you have to review the work first before you purchace the service. Please follow the guidane by Move in Japan before preceed to purchace.

Q : Can we get refunded after payment?

A : If you have paid for a service that you have requested throgh the request form, we typically do not offer refunds unless you have accidentally purchased something you were not supposed to.

Therefore, please double-check your purchase before making a payment.

Paid Services

Q : How do you share the result of serching service?

A : We will conduct the search and provide you with the results in a report. The format of the report will be shared with you when you submit a request form.

The information in the report will be presented in English. However, you may request a Japanese or French version of the report.

Q : How do we do the investigation service?

A : After receiving your request form and confirming your payment, we will contact the real estate agency responsible for promoting the property you have selected.

Like the search service, we will also provide you with the results in a report. The report format will be shared with you when you submit the request form.

Q :How exactly do you charge for translation?

A : The client should make the payment after reviewing the translation summary. Therefore, there is no need to pay before checking the quality of the work.

Once you have reviewed and approved the work, please proceed to purchase the service through our Shopify page. Upon confirmation of your payment, we will promptly send you the final translation.

Q : How long does it take for each service?

A : We kindly advise our clients to expect a waiting period of several business days to weeks, depending on the specific service requested.

Our search service typically takes 3-5 business days to complete and provide a report. Investigation and translation services will vary based on the complexity and volume of the project, but typically require at least one week to complete. (In some cases, the process may take longer, up to one month)

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