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Why is it like to have a house in Japan?

If you are planning to move to Japan, you may notice that the housing options are quite different from those in the West.

Houses may have fewer windows, and especially in urban areas, finding a property with garden can be a challenge unless you got enough budget.

However, one benefit of the Japanese housing market is that the price of old or used houses and flats is often much cheaper than those of the developed western countries.

If you're on a tight budget, buying an older home in Japan could be a smart choice. There are still many available properties in Japan.

In this article, we will explore the unique features of Japanese homes and the benefits of buying an used house in Japan. 

House in Japan

Flat ( Apartment)


The flats and apartments in Japan has its own unique characteristics.

Flats are a popular form of housing in Japan due to their affordability and functionality, as they are often less expensive than houses while still providing ample living space.

However, flats in Japan differ from those in the west in various ways, such as the design and amenities offered.

For example, balconies could be narrower or sometimes there is not a balcony, and central heating is not typically provided.

Additionally, most flats have their own rules established by the residents association, which can place restrictions on how residents live in the building, such as prohibiting pets.

These distinct features of Japanese flats make them a fascinating aspect of the country's housing culture.

Flat in Japan

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